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Days 34-37  The Pacific Non-Crest Trail: Aqueducts, the Mojave Desert & a Huge Harvest of Wind and Magic Day 34 (Apr. 27): The Tejon Ranch Blues and other private property musings Hunt clubs (just an hour from L.A.!) ~~ Aqueducts … Continue reading

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Days 30-33: Sweet Water, Guzzler Water, and Another Fire Detour (with Ostriches)

Day 30 (Apr. 23): Agua Dulce, Descanso Dulce (Sweet Water, Sweet Rest)  Before sunrise, I pack up my tent as quietly as possible, since other hikers are in tents very close to mine behind the North Fork Ranger Station. Dwight … Continue reading

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Days 26-29: Detouring around Snow and Frogs, plus a Return of the Monster Winds!

Day 26 (Apr. 19): The big question for today’s hike is how much snow/ice is on the PCT by Mount Baden-Powell – there is a lower alternate PCT route hikers can use when Baden-Powell has high snow – but on-trail … Continue reading

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Days 23-25: A Lake, a Snake, an On-Trail Shake, and Up-Up-Up!

Day 23 (Apr.16): I wake early to a strange, electronic version of the kind of clock bells that chime on the quarter-hour – emanating from the still-nearby Cedar Springs dam facility, I believe. Soon, I’m at Silverwood Lake, created in … Continue reading

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Day 22: From Deep Creek to Deep Surrealism

Yes, my blog is lagging behind me – sorry! – but let’s take a look back at where I’ve been the last few weeks, starting with a day so varied and ultimately so surreal it deserves its own post. Day … Continue reading

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Days 19-21 : Meditations on Fire and Water

Greetings, friends and random blog followers, from real-time Day 37 of my PCT hike, catching up on as much as the confluence of Internet and laptop access and spare time on my resupply day here in Tehachapi (PCT Mile 558.5!) … Continue reading

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Days 11-18: To Paradise and Near-Hell and Back, plus 3(!) Zeroes

I’m signing in from real-time Day 24 to report on Days 11-18, and while it will take a few days to get to Paradise, this report also includes both a literal and a figurative Near-Hell, for those with the patience … Continue reading

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Days 9-10: Pastures of Plenty and Warner Springs Goodness

Day 9 (Apr. 2): Waking up early at Barrel Spring, I was eager to pack up and go, since a meetup with Dwight and wonderdog Molly at Warner Springs was in my immediate future, just 8.5 miles up the trail. … Continue reading

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Days 6-8: The Desert, an Amazing Dessert, and a Two-Snake Trek through the San Felipe Hills to Barrel Springs

Day 6 (March 30) found me packing up a wet tent from the light rain that fell during the night and continuing my downhill trek toward Scissors Crossing, where I would connect the next morning with friends Lynn and Charlie … Continue reading

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Days 2-5: Sun! Monster Winds! Snow! Icicles!

Walking carefully on blisters through a SoCal wonderland It seems like a month since my Day 1 post, but I’m actually on Day 10, back with my laptop to report on Days 2 through 5 on the PCT. Days 2 … Continue reading

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